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I have always been a knitter eversince I was a little girl. My gran (whom I am named after) taught me at a young age.  When my children were young, I invested in a knitting machine and supplied all our knitware, as well as for friends and family.  There is still something very personable about hand knitting.

I had a traumatic experience which lead me to pack my needles away for a few years. I found that when I picked up my needles once more, they became my therapy.

I love  vibrant colours and cannot imagine the world without them. Some of the colours I mix, one would not imagine them working together and yet they all blend in just fine.  Some have ribbon and some have exotic yarn, hence the price differences.

Each Scarf is unique and although there may be some quite similar... no two are alike....they are a bit like us humans. We are unique in every way...sometimes we have similar traits, but no two souls are the same.  We are made with are the scarves I make.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website. Should you require any information or if you need some advice or help with knitting or crocheting, feel free to contact me and I will try to be of help.












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